Our services include 

- 24 hour hand carry service
  ( Local or Global)
- Special pickup and delivery
  (elite service)
- Express door to door by 9 AM
- Confirmation on pod by email, fax
  or sms
- K1, K2, K8 advance duty service
- Dangerous goods (certified
  IATA regulations)
- High value for multi-content
- Insurance
- Packaging - boxes, bubble packs /   palletize etc
- Desktop shipping / courier
  queries answered
- Reliable customer service
- Tracking  




Courier Service


Established for 10 years, JNE offers a Malaysia and overseas courier service and we are proud of our reputation for reliability, speed and customer service. JNE KUL is more than just a worldwide courier, we can manage your express needs anytime whether local or global with same day pickup and transit service.

Anticipating the highest level service. 

-  Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week 
-  Short or long term contracts, or one-off deliveries 
-  Fleet of modern vehicles - from Police Escort (upon request) with tail gate facility for loading
    unloading facility. 
-  Flexible and professional service 
-  Flexible payment and account terms. 
-  Join Network with reliable courier companies. 
-  Collection can be done from home or even after office hours without extra surcharge 

Well trained and dedicated couriers will take your urgent shipment on the first flight out and take care of :

-  Customs clearing
-  Personal delivery
-  Special requirements
-  Off Flight delivery  

Anytime and everyday of the week.

The backbones of JNE KUL service are on board couriers. On arrival of the courier after it has been cleared by the customs, they drive to the customer, offering a seamless service. Even on the busiest flights at the busiest times, JNE KUL is always able to find a seat. Couriers to accompany JNE KUL shipments come for a training school for airline staff. JNE KUL is well known in the WORLD for fast and reliable courier services. 

JNE KUL is more than just a worldwide courier!

Hand Carry

The consignment travels with the same person from collection to final delivery, which adds complete security to the consignment. Whatever the destination, if there is a flight, we use it. We use any available connecting flight to ensure that your consignment arrives on time.
With our network , we have couriers available in all major cities worldwide for rapid deployment.

Using dedicated on-board couriers and special courier aircrafts or trucks on all possible routes, makes special deliveries possible throughout the world. Using the most direct available routes gets us ahead. We can also pick up and deliver at anytime – weekends, public holidays, at midnight, whenever! We can deliver up to an hour before departure and pick up an hour after flight arrival. The JNE KUL delivery handles your entire national and inter-city delivery needs. JNE KUL offers a flexible domestic express service tailored to your individual requirements, ensuring swift and efficient delivery. For those fragile goods, an item requiring temperature control or any special handling, JNE KUL provides the most cost-effective shipping solution. JNE KUL is the company for all your special shipments especially those which seem to be impossible to you!




JNE KUL has vehicles on standby with a payload up to 3 tones with experienced drivers who will take care of your special shipment all the way to the final destination, anytime and everyday of the week!

JNE KUL handles the redistribution of your bulk shipments to various destinations via multi-modal transport.



JNE KUL offers a door-to-door service, no matter where in the world the shipper or consignee are situated. In today’s fast-paced business world, time is of the essence, and organizations need a transportation partner that can offer a global solution for moving time-sensitive documents and parcels around the world, door-to-door within committed transit times that meet the customers needs and expectations. The International Express service of JNE KUL is available everyday of the week to customers worldwide with the ability to track shipments at anytime of the day.


JNE Shipping you have something to shipped anywhere? We specialize in large shipments and vehicles. We can also assist you with customs shipping documentation for your international shipping needs. In most cases we can assist you in finding out how to ship your shipments. Shipping and moving services industry is more than a simple forwarding of goods from point A to point B. You must ask yourself some questions before making your decision. 

- How long can I wait? 
- How valuable is (are) the item(s)? 
- How often will I need the service ? 
- Desired pick up and delivery location ( door-door/dock/airport/office/post office)? 
- What kind of shipping insurance will I need ? 

Shipping, freight and moving can be a stressful experience and our professional logistics team will make you feel at ease. Whether you are moving or shipping call us any time. Make sure to have all the appropriate shipping documentation ready. Boxes should be closed and sealed, if you prefer to label the boxes with your name arrangement can be made as professional moving boxes are recommended. Label every box with a list of contents. Crate fragile shipping items by professional craters. Packages should be measured and weighed. Do not pack food items and perishables, let us know as we will provide you with special packing boxes and material and need separate declarations we are small enough to offer you personalized service yet big enough to handle almost any kind of job whether it be local, international or overseas. We believe that communication, proper planning and logistics are crucial aspects of the relocation and shipping industry that are often overseen and neglected by the competition.